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Remote Learning Paradise

But how do I get my kids to focus, if we're not at home?

According to Dr. Michael Merzenich, in his studies on Neuroplasticity, a change of scenery actually awakens the brain, making you and your family more attune to your surroundings, and more likely absorb information: Travel is the perfect companion to remote learning.

At O'Casey's Boutique Inn, our family friendly accommodations, spacious rooms, Wifi, and wide patios, provide ideal space for relaxation, review, and a starting point for learning adventures.

Start the morning with an O'Casey's grab and go breakfast, complete your children's classroom Zoom calls from the comfort of your room, or you can visit the historic Landa Library, built in 1926, just a two block walk.

The Library sits on 5 acres of community garden, patio, a playground, picnic tables, and a Trabajaco Rustico pavilion.

Plan for quality recess time, look up the plants in the garden, familiarize yourself with the community's Gilded Age homes, and have your kids act out scenes from their Literature assignments on the pavilion stage.

The first floor of the Landa Library is full of children's books, and the second story, has computers, non-fiction, and fiction. There are plenty of seats scattered throughout, and when work for the afternoon is completed visit one of Monte Vista's historic family owned restaurants, La Fonda on Main, the oldest Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio, offering Tex-Mex by Executive Chef Victor Maldonado.

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