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Under the Sea and Beside It

Sea World may be known for it's shows, and rides; but it's also a place to learn about sea creatures. Many marine biologists and animal trainers, had their interest first piqued, on a family visit to Sea World. It may look like fun and games, but each Animal Trainer you see blowing a whistle and swimming with dolphins, has a degree in Animal Husbandry, Zoology, or Animal Science.

Remote Learning is a great opportunity to incorporate a visit to Sea World; and October in San Antonio, is one of the perfect times to it, Bonus: If you're in the military, you and your family, get in for FREE, once a year: FREE!

Each of Sea World's shows are designed not only to showcase a particular sea animal; but they also serve as teaching opportunities: How do Dolphins communicate? How many Beluga whales swim together in the wild?

As you wait in line for the rides, notice the art on the walls, and the fact bubbles next to them: These rides showcase Sea World's conservation and animal rescue operations. It's time well-spent to learn about how sea animals struggle in the wild, and what practical steps are taken to care for their environment. After all, it's small, every day decisions that add up to make the world a better place.

Purchase fresh fish to feed the seals, and learn about the food chain; and when you're done, sign up for an extra special Animal Encounter. Have you ever wanted to pet a penguin? Beluga Whale? or Dolphin?

Get ready with your questions to ask, and head backstage to chat with the animal trainers and zoologists! What better way to learn about Biology, than to live it and chat with professionals who work with animals every day?

Finish the day, with the nightly Fire Works display.

We'll be waiting back at O'Casey's Boutique Inn, to hear all your stories.

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