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A Learning Adventure

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

For parents in 2020, stepping in to be your child's teacher, has become an unexpected way of life, and a challenge, even for the most organized families.

At Family Friendly O'Casey's Boutique Inn, remote learning, becomes a travel adventure.

The beauty of Nature, History, Community, Art, Music, and Commerce, all come together in a beautiful symphony: Here you can relax on our porch swings, or around our outdoor fire, and do any online coursework necessary; but turn the corner, and history books burst right open to reveal truth hidden from pages. It's an experience your whole family can enjoy.

Education is not a one on one proposition; and you don't have to go at it alone. Whether you stay at O'Casey's for a week, or a weekend, we can help you craft the perfect educational detour: Studies show knowledge gained by Field Trips sticks in a child's memory better, than any book or classroom. And with all the computer time lulling modern children into boredom, now is the best time to take advantage of the museums, nature preserves, cultural sites, and live music, that San Antonio has to offer.

Give your children the best kind of advantage by getting them off their computer screens, and into real life: Contact us today, to book your Remote Learning Stay at O'Casey's Boutique Inn.

And if you're just joining the blog, start this series from the beginning, for more tips on how to make San Antonio your learning home away from home.

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