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Zoo Train to the Kiddie Park

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The Brackenridge Eagle Miniature Train was built in 1956, and makes a 1.5 mile loop around Brackenridge Park, going over two bridges, the San Antonio River, forest, and it starts and ends, right at the San Antonio Zoo.

It's just one of the things that makes the San Antonio Zoo special for families.

O'Casey's Boutique Inn is within a three mile radius of Brackenridge Park, and it's zoo. The zoo features beautifully landscaped areas for each of the animals (including rhinos, tortoises, and giraffes!) and it should take 3-5 hours to go through.

But at O'Casey's we believe in taking advantage of immersive learning activities: Remote learning can make even the most bookish students, antsy.

"Awake on the Wild Side" and start the morning with Breakfast at O'Casey's, ready for the day. The San Antonio Zoo offers a 2-hour pre-opening tour, of the zoo. Your family will be matched with an educator, that will get you up-close-and-personal with the animals, show you how they feed, and herd, as well as give your kids the opportunity for a Q & A session.

There are plenty of spots within the zoo for lunch; and when you're ready, head to the Kiddie Park.

San Antonio's Kiddie Park is actually the country's oldest amusement park for children: Built in 1925, (and yes, the rides still in front of you, are from the 1920s!), the rides are kept up and were relocated from Broadway St, down the road.

Just when you think the San Antonio Zoo experience can't be topped, head to the San Antonio River, and get your tickets for the Brackenridge Eagle Train: If you can time it around sunset, that's always the best.

The train runs at a comfortable speed through the trees, over the river, through the park, passed the Japanese Tea Gardens, and back to the San Antonio Zoo Station.

Your beds at O'Casey's Boutique Inn will be ready for a restful night, after the day's adventures.

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