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Where the Exhibits Tell Stories

Wake up in a warm and cozy O’Casey’s bed, throw open your curtains to the sun, grab some breakfast tacos for the family, and just a short 2.5 miles away, is a great introduction to immersive Texas history.

The Witte Museum is a uniquely San Antonio experience, established in 1926, and seated along the river. It not only contains many wonderful indoor exhibits, but has an outdoor tree house with view finders, to see the river’s wild life, a children’s health center, and examples of early Texas homes. It’s a great way to prepare your kids to see The Alamo, as many spots downtown are recreated in historical context, in the museum’s South Texas Heritage Center.

It boasts many kid friendly exhibits, presentations by docents, hands-on exhibits, nature displays, and even some “Night at the Museum” style talking animatronics. The cherry on top is tucked in the corner of the first floor: A cave where you can hear George Strait, narrate a presentation on Texas Wildlife, perfect if your family is planning on exploring Hill Country: You and your family will leave with a connection to Texas, like never before. And it’s just a short 2.5 miles from O’Caseys Boutique Inn.

The Witte Museum was the idea of San Antonio schoolteacher Ellen Schulz, who had purchased artifacts from a prolific collector, and had no room to put them.

Alfred G. Witte, a San Antonio businessman, gave $65,000 to the project, an incredible amount at the time, to have the museum built in Brackenridge Park, in honor of his parents.

Staying at O’Casey’s Boutique Inn, makes The Witte a convenient way for kids to be immersed in remote learning. Do all the exhibits in a full day, or focus on one subject at a time.

And yes, there are Dinosaurs.

For lunch, stop at the local Alamo Heights Family Favorite, “Good Time Charlie.” Less than a quarter mile away, serving San Antonio for 40 years, and cooking up an award winning chicken fried steak. Your family will love the relaxed atmosphere, delicious comfort food, and eclectic diner décor.

We look forward to seeing you back O’Casey’s, with all the stories of your remote learning adventures.

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