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Peaceful Trails and Waterways

Families flock to the Alamo every year, greet it's walls, take photos, and leave without a second thought; but at O'Casey's Boutique Inn, we believe in being where we are, and immersing ourselves, and our guests, in the stories of San Antonio.

Why would the Spanish friars consent to live in such a desolate, surrounded, isolated, dusty sort of place? Why come to Texas at all?

The Mission Trails hold part of that secret: The grounds around the river are lush, and tranquil. Trees provide shade from the unforgiving Texas heat; and whatever dangers lurk beyond the Missions, are nearly erased by chirping birds, and the flow of the San Antonio River.

The 9 mile long trail, runs along the river and touches Mission Concepcion, Mission San Juan, Mission San Francisco, Mission San Antonio (The Alamo), and Mission San Jose.

Start the morning at O'Casey's Boutique in, with fresh Breakfast Tacos, and get ready to embark on a journey into the past, and into nature.

Mission San Jose is the best preserved mission, thanks to the efforts of the Daughters of the Texas Revolution, and hosts the missions' visitor's center. The visitor's center is open from 9am-5pm daily, and houses artifacts, as well as running a short film.

The missions are not only historical marvels in and of themselves; but they showcase a key aspect of the Spanish Colonial settlements, "the acequias." Similar irrigation ditches were used in the first century B.C. by Roman Architects; but the Spanish really perfected the art. There were over 50 miles of water distribution canals in colonial San Antonio; and you can see much of it walking along the mission trails, today.

The trail winds, but there is ample signage, showing where the next stop is: Click for a map of the trails; bikes are docked and available to rent along the route.

San Antonio is where Texas grew, and the seeds of which, are the missions. For lunch, take a break off of Roosevelt Street, and experience Lala's Gorditas: Your kids will love the colorful and relaxed atmosphere; and the authentic family recipes, passed down since 1938, are a San Antonio staple, sure to please.

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