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Family Friendly O'Casey's

Has remote learning got your family in funk? Who said you have to stay at home?

We know those hours in front of a screen are tedious. Why not give yourself and your family, a fulfilling and educational break?

O' Casey's Boutique Inn is our beautiful 1904 property with access to Wifi, grab and go breakfast, and beautiful porches, close to the heart of Texas Beginnings, and in the historic Monte Vista Neighborhood.

O' Casey's is a stone's throw from the beautiful Landa Library and Gardens, a quick drive to the Alamo, comfortably close to Hill Country, and a short bus trip to San Antonio's Missions and Museums.

Affordable luxury and a break from day to day, will bring history, science, nature, and the Texas pioneer spirit to life, for you and your family.

Why just read a text book or look at a computer screen, when you can see it?

A study published in Education Next found that not only do students who go on field trips recall much of the information effortlessly, but the field trips actually increase critical thinking skills, capacity for historical empathy, tolerance, and often spark a desire for more exploration.

Book a four day stay at O'Casey's Boutique Inn to give your family not only time to relax but an edge in education, with access to museum docents, historical reenactors, ecosystem tours, and a connection to a time and place beyond the immediate.

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