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Across the Alley from the Alamo

No building in San Antonio can cast a shadow on the Alamo: It's the heart of the city; and though some modern scholars enjoy arguing that "the Alamo didn't have to happen." Anyone in Texas can tell you, the stand those Texians and Tejanos took, mattered to fellow Texans in the past, and to us who live here now, powerfully.

Now that you've seen the Mission Tails, get ready to experience with your family, what brought Texas into being: The Battle for Texas Independence.

The colonial Spanish, and later, the Mexicans, were having a difficult time settling the rough land of the Texas frontier, and devised a plan: By offering cheap land to Americans, they were able to create a buffer between their communities and the attacks of Native American tribes; but it came at a cost: Fiercely independent, proud, and full of life, the culture born of Mexican-Tejanos and Anglo-Texians wanted little to do with the interference, and control, of Mexico, and a movement for Independence was born.

If you have Disney+ take a moment to watch, "Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier," in your cozy O'Casey's Boutique Inn room, and become acquainted with one of the Alamo's most beloved defenders. You can also watch, "Alamo Price of Freedom" at the AMC Riverwalk IMAX, which is especially poignant for older children, and adults.

Tickets to the Alamo are Free; but you must schedule a time to enter, due to social-spacing requirements.

At O'Casey's Boutique Inn we do recommend splurging on the tickets to the History Talk. This is lively storytelling amongst the statues in the Cavalry Courtyard, generally conducted by retired Texas teachers, who know, and love, The Alamo. They are able to point to the likeness they are speaking of, as the story is told: This adds a layer of dimension that's missing, just by walking around doing a self-guided tour.

After the talk, take a moment to sit in the Memorial Gardens. There are guardians of this city, and if you sit still enough, you'll sense a boldness and a peacefulness among the flowers. Several gardeners participated in the planning of the garden, can you spot each section?

Pull up the Digital Battlefield, can you remember the Defenders, and where they took their last stand?

After absorbing all the information at the Alamo, it's time for a treat! Mr. Ice Cream is a local Riverwalk favorite, that in pre-pandemic days was always filled to the brim with people: Now that things have slowed, greet the giant Teddy Bears that fill the seats, and pick your favorite ice cream, before venturing to the Riverwalk, and back to O'Casey's Boutique Inn.

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